after holiday

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I just realized that I'm still on holiday. Back to the old blog, I'm not sure if I'll up somthing in Japanese or English.
old-new blog
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I hope it lasts until 31st!
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It's a bit early but my nails are on halloween. I made a big mistake though... all are up side down!
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They don't have london fog, my fev! I tried maron latte which I assume they dont have in Canada. The paper cups looked same as Canadian, and remind me Victoria...
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We sent emails to three moving companies, ant, panda and Doraemon, to ask to give us estimates. Ant didn't reply at all. Panda and Dora replied and said they would call us on 18th, and come 19th. Both panda and Dora called us on 18th but I couldn't pick. They left messages. Panda said he would come around 4:30. Dora said he would come between 2 and 3pm.
On 19th, Dora called me before 3pm and said he would be here in 10min. He came to my place in 10min, checked our stuff, and gave me the estimate. It was almost 100,000yen. I said I would call him after I got another estimate. He asked me which company I would have so I said panda was coming. Then he gave me almost 50%off, 52,500yen. I promised him that I would call him by 6pm for the result.
At 5pm, panda hadn't showed up yet. I called the company and someone answered the phone said he would make someone at brunch in my area call me, but nobody called me for 30min. I called the company again, another guy said same thing again, and made me wait 10min. Finally I got a phone call from a guy at the brunch and he told me we, my husband and I, didn't reply their email so they didn't plan to come to my place. We did reply emails, and the guy who was supposed to be here called us yesterday! It was already 5:45. I said I didn't need their estimate anymore.
These moving companies are pretty big and famous. But only one company worked! I'm not sure if Doraemon is good for moving but I have no choice. I wish he could bring his pocket and help our moving!
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